Move Out Cleaning Services Vancouver - Get 1 Free Clean
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You can count on Top Hat for a quality move out clean

Top Hat’s old school cleaning method ensures your place is spotless on moving day

Moving day is a stressful day, to say the least. Between the packing, lifting, transportation and logistics involved, making sure you leave your former home in tip top shape is the last thing you want to be concerning yourself with on such a hectic day.

Cut your stress in half with the help from Top Hat Cleaning. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in move out cleaning. We understand the importance of having a spotless home on moving day; your deposit is on the line!

When you schedule move out cleaning services with Top Hat Cleaning, we guarantee to impress your landlord and pass your move out inspection.

We thoroughly clean and disinfect your home, follow an extensive move out cleaning checklist (view below!), provide all cleaning supplies and equipment and do a walk through at the end to ensure you are completely satisfied with our cleaning service.

Our services* include:

  • Appliance cleaning inside and out
  • Interior of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Baseboard cleaning
  • Disinfection of every room in house

*Please refer to our move out cleaning checklist below.

Our move out cleaning services extend beyond Vancouver. We offer house cleaning services throughout the Lower Mainland including Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, West Vancouver and New Westminster.

Get in touch with us today to get a move out estimate.

Praise from past clients

The overall cleaning was amazing. The two ladies went above and beyond, scrubbing and making the place sanitary and livable, no area or corner got ignored. Would rate above 5 stars if possible. We were told they clean the place like they would want their house cleaned and that statement couldn’t be more true.

– Cait Adams

I hired Top Hat Cleaning for my apartment move out. They cleaned the place so well I hardly recognized it. The manager of the building was high in his praise of their work and says he would definitely recommend them to other tenants.

– Brody Stonehouse

Outstanding service! I didn’t have to go through the details of what exactly I expected from a move out cleaning – the crew knew it better. When I saw the place after the cleaning it was literally shining -better than it was when we moved in. I will definitely continue using Top Hat Cleaning and would highly recommend it to all.

– Anastasia Yakovenko



My goal is to ensure that my clients are happy and that the service we provide makes your day a little easier.

Our move out
cleaning checklist

When you book a cleaning service with Top Hat Cleaning, you can rest assured we clean your home top to bottom. We have a cleaning checklist for each space in your home to ensure nothing is left uncleaned:


Remove cobwebs
Clean windows & window sills
Clean and disinfect door, door knob and door frame
Clean and disinfect light switches
Clean baseboards
Dusting and tidy entry
Hand wash entry floor


Remove cobwebs
Clean interior windows and sills
Clean interior and exterior of patio window
Clean outside of fireplace
Vacuum carpets and edge
Thorough dusting of personal items and art work
Vacuum couch and remove cushions for cleaning
Move sofa and chairs to clean floor space underneath (we will not move sofa beds)
Wash floors
Clean baseboards, light switches and electrical outlets


Remove cobwebs
Clean windows and window sills
Disinfect the inside and outside of machines
Disinfect light switches and doorknob
Disinfect and clean laundry room door
Clean the outside of laundry room cabinets
Clean lint tray
Clean baseboards
Clean counters
Laundry service included with vacation rentals


Remove cobwebs
Clean windows and window sills
Disinfect door knobs and face plates
Clean bedroom door and closet doors
Dust personal items, photos, art, lamp shades
Clean under beds
Vacuum and/or wash floor
Bedding change when requested
(included for vacation rentals)
Clean baseboards


Clean the outside of cabinets
Clean windows and window sills
Disinfect sinks, counters and back splash
Clean the outside of fridge and stove (fee for cleaning inside appliances for housekeeping services)
Clean and disinfect inside and outside of dishwasher
Clean table, chairs and low hanging light fixtures
Clean and disinfect door, door frame, light fixtures and outlets
Vacuum and wash floor
Microwave inside and out
Clean stove top and hood fan


Clean tub and shower
Disinfect the entire wall surrounding toilet
Disinfect the toilet, toilet paper holder, tank and handle
Disinfect the baseboards
Disinfect the door, door handle and door frame
and tops of door
Clean light fixture
Clean and disinfect outside of cabinets and counter
Clean bathroom mirror and outside of medicine cabinet
Wash and disinfect bathroom floor by hand
Clean inside of vanity if requested


We guarantee a stress-free cleaning service. For your peace of mind, Vancouver’s Top Hat Cleaning Service has a 24 hour no hassle guarantee.

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